The Szent Benedek Cruise and Event Boat - more commonly known as "Csókos" - on 14th July, 2017, took up a new service at the Yacht Club of the Balatonfenyves.

The shaded, rain-sheltered deck is equipped with wood benches and tables for comfortable seating for 60 people. The comfort of the passengers is further enhanced by spacious spaces, washbasins, child-resistant lattices, quiet music and buffet service in the salon.

The salon of the boat evokes the mood of old times. Venetian velvet-covered seating, fashionable curtains in the style, and the small bar's ambience are a favorite place for children and adults to enjoy refreshing coffee and snacks.

The boat can be walked from head to toe. From the salon to the corridor leading to the captain's room, glimpse can be gained in the enclosed engine compartment. When the ship leaves the harbor to the open water, we invite the enthusiasts to the pleasure of the little ones and the big ones to get the full amount of excursion to the fullest by the experience of the boat.

Biography: It was built in 1982 at the Balatonfüred shipyard. It was originally called BIOLOGY, was owned by the Tihany Limnology Institute. There was a hydroboil laboratory in the ship. In 2003, he became privately owned and converted into a passenger ship. In 2004 it was employed as Szent Benedek in Siófok. In 2017 a change of ownership occurred, the ship was renovated and left Siófok and moved to Balatonfenyves.



    Displacement: 59,5 m3
    1x Rába MAN D 2156 MT6 diesel engine, 147 kW
    Length: 19 m
    Width: 5,72 m
    Side Height: 1,65 m
    Maximum Height: 5,51 m
    Maximum Dive (Empty/Loaded): 0,95 m / 1,05 m
    Minimum allowable free height: 0,6 m