On the St. Benedictine cruise ship we offer a variety of programs that give you the chance to find the smallest ones, the young people who want to party, the desire for romance and the pleasures of nature.

On request and for groups of children we will show you the sights and the attractions of the area.


Boat trip (1 hours) daily
If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful afternoon break away from the bustling coast of the Balaton and the noise of the world, this 1 hour boat ride is for you! Turning from Balatonfenyves towards Fonyód, turning towards the North Coast's mountain ranges, you can enjoy a spectacular salon music accompanied by a pleasant salon orchestra.

Romantic sunset tour (1 hours) daily
From the lake you can see the red-hot rays of the sun coming down from the mountains of the North-West coasts, sparkling on the water, a last dance ... champagne in your hand, soft music in the background... unforgettable experience, spooky spell!
On this tour, we have 1 glass of champagne for our adult passengers and 1 bottle of refreshing drink for children.

Program for children (1 hours) daily
On the 1-hour voyage, we favor families with small children, with children's entertainment programs (handicrafts, learning songs, party games) make the cruise for the youngest entertaining, interesting and enjoyable for the youngest.

Wine tasting - for our passengers over the age of 18 (1 hours) Monday and Wednesday

Retrodisco (2 hours) Tuesday and Thursday
Time travel to the 80s and 90s! Abba, C.C.Catch, Neoton, Erika Zoltán, Kozmix, Republic, Bonanza and many more ... With the catchy, unforgettable, unforgettable hits of the 80s and 90s, we are waiting for those who want to party for a 2-hour ferry boat, in the middle. Do not stay down! ;)

Departure address of the cruise ship:

    8646 Balatonfenyves, Fenyves Yacht Club harbor

    Information and ticket reservation at the following number: